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Taneisha keeps it real, raw and transparent as she shares her powerful stories of betrayal. Her journey is a true testament to the power of love and our choice to forgive and thrive.

A profound and riveting story from Mitchell that takes you through a transformational journey starting at the root of fear, self-sabotage and abuse. Only when confronted can healing actually start. A very touching and inspiring book.

Matt Gil,


Joan T. Randall
Author, Speaker and Coach


 T. Mitchell is now an Author, Transformational Speaker and the CEO of A+ Healthcare Partners. Her vision is to decrease mental and health disparities in communities across the region. As a Masters prepared Registered Nurse she knows how much Healthy relationships and emotions play in our overall health. Mitchell "Some people don't eat or sleep when their on an emotional roller coaster. Some of us even carry old pain from one relationship to next. Now is the time to HEAL our broken Hearts and leave the pain behind us. My prayer is that we all Learn to turn our lessons into blessings".


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Resiliency can only be built through adversities in life. Sometimes the ones we love and cherish the most cause us the most pain.  But we have the choice to let the pain cause resentment and seek revenge or to  let forgiveness build strength and happiness and joy in our hearts. Which one will you choose?

Soul Source

Seed of my Father. All of us have moments where we are shining bright, we are secure with life and going in the right direction. There are other moments when we feel unworthy of love and are full of doubt and fear. Sometimes God has to reminds us that we are his, full of greatness and potential.



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